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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  September 2, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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. >> hi everybody. thanks for joining us. one beautiful
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young woman is facing a life of surgery and stairs after stranger threw acid on her face. less with the harrowing story. >> she's beautiful. her face a picture of joy. but she doesn't look like this any more. this is 28-year-old bethany store today after a total stranger threw acid into her lovely face. >> why me? i have never ever seen this guy in my entire life. >>reporter: her face after surgery but she bravely talk about the attack. >> once it hit me i could not say bubble and sizzle in my skin. >> happened after she was about to enter the starbucks in vancouver, washington. woman approached her and said pretty girl do you want to drink this and then without another word threw the acid. her mother called it an act of evil. bethany was wearing these sunglasses bought just an hour earlier or she would
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have been blinded. amazingly bethany says she will for give her attacker. >> in time i'm going to for give her because if i don't then it is hard to move on with my life. >>reporter: the incident is a chilling echo of what happened to this beautiful model. spurned lover paid a thug to throw acid into her face. now she wear as clear plastic mask to minimize the horrific scars. becky of akron, ohio was showered with acid by her estranged husband. >> he tried to destroy my life but he didn't succeed. >>reporter: still hunting bethany attacker and doctors say it is too early to say how bad the scarring will be. >> i have an amazing family and friends that love me and i'm blessed. >> bethany says she's trying to keep a positive outlook but she is is he gets frustrated she is is he gets frustrated she has no one to be angry
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>> the county sheriff's deputy any a grim search. looking for bodies that were trapped in the air plane which slammed into this lagoon. the plane was twin engine beechcraft queen air from the 60's which had just taken off from the san carlos airport when apparently there was some sort of mechanical problem. it began spiraling to the right and then headed straight down. frightening experience for people who work in the building which suddenly became part of the flight path. mark was on the top floor of the building when the plane roared by. >> look out the window and plane just nose down just heading into the water. just hit it dead on. we thought it was actually the force from the crash we actually felt it in the building. we thought for sure he hit the building. he hit really hard. >> he missed the building by just 20 feet. >> i ran inside briefly. i wasn't sure if it would hit the water or land here so i came back out debris floating in the water and plane was slowly sinking.
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>> sent 2 swimmers into the water to go search the plane and see if there were any victims in. when they arrived they were assisted by citizens throughout with kayak and help search the area. one victim actually pulled from the area immediately next to the plane and pulled to shore. approximately 40-year-old woman who is deceased. >>reporter: we learned she may be the girlfriend of the co-pilot. not sure who was on the plane but friend of the owner did stop by. >> i don't know who was playing in the air plane but owner was bob gorman. gorman steechlt b-17 pilot during the war. quite competent. >>reporter: he was a world war ii pilot decorate add fighter pilot. he was 92 years old. not flying that much any more. he may have been on board. we also learned that the plane apparently was headed south for the annual check for federal regulation by the faa. the other thing is the nstb is coming here tomorrow and begin their investigation and they will be the ones to determine how long that plane is going in the water when it can be lifted out and when the
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bodies can be removed. in redwood city, abc 7 news. and that lagoon may stay closed through the labor day weekend. xleen up complicated because its the same water way floodd with 48,000 gallons of raw sewage last week when a pipe broke. we reported that to you at the time. tense afternoon at bridge point high school in newark after reports of a student on campus with a gun. more than 100 students were locked down in their class rooms while police officers checked many of them. one by one. for weapons. some parents watched as their son and daughter were told to walk backwards arms over their heads. pat down followed. no gun was found. the report had come from a school resource officer. 2 possible suspect were later cleared. >> we have new information tonight about the tasting of 64-year-old man in his own home. you have probably seen the videotape by now. marin county sheriff's department is facing a lawsuit over this incident. and now we are learning how the sheriffs
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office justified the use of first. here's vick lee. >> stop resisting. stop resisting. stop resisting. >> this is one of the most clear cut cases i have seen of excessive force. i think it is difficult to justify or defend. >>reporter: john scott is peter's lawyer. 64-year-old client was tazed by a marin county sheriff's deputy at his own home in june of last year. we looked at the sheriff's report on tazer incidents in 2009. mac farland case was one of the 87 times marin deputy drew their tazer last year. not all of them fired their did he vases. in mac farland case the deputy did. the tazing occurred just after paramedic had treated him for injuries suffered when he fell down the steps. mac farland admits he was drinking that night. suddenly 2 deputy arrived. this video is from a camera mounted on the deputy's tazer. the laser beam targeted on mcfar land chest.
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deputy says he is going to take him to the hospital because he may be suicidal. >> take you to the hospital for evaluation. you stated if you had a gun would you somewhat yourself in the head. >>reporter: mac farland made the crack because of the pain of his injuries. he continues refusing the deputy's command the deputyr else be tazed. fires not once but three time times. >> about stay down. [ screaming] stop resisting. stop resisting. stop resisting. [ screaming]. >> stop resisting. stop resisting. stop. stop resisting. bleep. stop resisting. stop resisting. if stop resisting. stop resisting. stay down. stop resisting. stop resisting. >>reporter: the sheriffs tazer report says when the subject charged toward deputie
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deputies, ecd or tazer was discharged. >> maybe somebody can explain to me what i am missing. >>reporter: attorney scott says the tape speaks for itself and the client stood up from the couch and tazed. >> would i like to hear an explanation from the sheriff's department as to why they believe this, the tape can be interpreted that way. >>reporter: we did too. so we went to the sheriff's office which has not returned our calls for the past two days. >> the sheriff is he available? >> no. we have to go through the public information officer, sir. i'm sorry. >>reporter: okay. do you know when she might be able. >> i don't. >>reporter: receptionist told us the county supervisor have received a lot of calls about this story. the president is on vacation. none of the other 4 has responded to our request for an interview. we have yet to receive a call from the sheriffs office. as we mentioned the marin sheriff's report says deputy drew their tazer 87 times last year. now santa clara sheriff's deputies don't carry tazer. in san francisco and
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contra costa county deputy carry them pray mayoral in the jails and rarely use them. san mateo sheriff says in the last 16 months they drew their devices only 15 times. nou alameda sheriff's office is looking at the statistics for us now. vick lee, abc 7 news. mystery has been solved tonight at the san jose international airport. lingering stench in the recently renovated terminal a has finally been traceed to a broken sewer line according to our media partner mercury news. airport traced the leak by snaking a videocamera through the pipe. people started noticing the bad smell soon after the renovation 5 months ago and no one could figure out where it was coming from. until now. after months of complaint new study is out tonight about the accuracy of those controversial pg&e smart meters. thousands of people claim that the power bills jumped the moment they were installed and many of those complaints came to receive on your side. michael on what
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investigators found. >>reporter: today's meeting ended with everyone agreeing on this issue. pg&e dropped the ball when it came to customer service. >> there were weaknesses in the customer service and some pg&e practices found were partially non-client relative to industry best practices. >> consultant way of saying pg&e didn't much react when customers complained. >> no surprise to anyone that lives in pg&e territory that the customer service could be better. we know that. howeve however, all this investigation does not put all the customer concerns to rest. absolutely not. >>reporter: the study says at the same time smart meeters were installed there were rate increases and hot weather. that caused consumer to equate smart meet percent higher bills. >> consumers all just out of their minds. have the meters not only made, not made consumer smarter but actually made them dumber?
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and do they just not understand how high pg&e rates are. that's basically the up shot of what they said in there. >>reporter: the study says the meters work all but perfectly and that is why pg&e has been saying all along. >> we do believe smart meters are accurate. we have been reporting since may as we made all of our information available that 99 percent of the meters are accurate. there are a few and we have reported those on a weekly basis on our web site where we found issues. to date out of 6.6 million we found 10 meters that didn't measure accurately and we have removed those. >>reporter: but they could be accurate and your bill not. the structure group confirmed 7 on your side it did not investigate the communication flaws in the smart meter system. back in april pg&e admitted under tough questioning at state senate hearing that 43,000 meters had communication and installation issues. the pg&e says those issues are temporary.
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>> once the meters are transition they do bill appropriately. >>reporter: one of the reason there were so many complaints for pg&e internal control. utility bill was not kicked out for review until 1700 dollars more than the month before. now that figure has been dropped to 300 dollars. i'm michael fipy 7 on your side. >> and debate will go on. more to bring you tonight. bay area medical breakthrough coming up next. discovery that may free kidney patients from the shackles of dialysis. approach of hurricane earl in the atlantic. downgraded but still dangerous. if planning to fly this labor day weekend expect delay and cancellation but here's the question. will you be charged for your ticket any way if you don't want to travel in the middle of hurricane? >> well if you stayed here our natural air conditioning knocked temperatures down at the coast. here's a sign of it and it is going to spread into our inland areas in the into our inland areas in the coming days.i'll
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. >> breakthrough technology developed in the bay area. could eventually free thousands of kidney patients from dialysis. instead implanted device would handle kidney function inside their own bodies. more now from health and science reporter carolyn johnson. >> david anderson knows this drill all too well. after a transplant kidney gave out in 2007 he spent three days a week every week hooked up to a dialysis machine. >> i don't leave san francisco very often. >>reporter: but in the near future thousands of patients like david could be freed from dialysis by technology being developed by researchers at uc sf. >> they said the device that
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would have a filter. >>reporter: bio engineering professor is holding a prototype of what could become the world first implantable artificial kidney. did he vase uses sophisticated man filter. sheet of silicon evened with millions of microscopic pour. >> toxic and waste water and rest of the blood will not. >>reporter: after purified the blood throws through a second chamber called a bioreactor and filled with bioengineered kidney shell that react with the blood. living cell in the bioreactor perform many of the same functions as healthy kidney. including regulating blood pressure and producing vitamin e. because of that ability researchers believe the implantable did he advice could 43 patients from dialysis but also treat them in way that is traditional dialysis machines can not. >> the kidney does 2 main things. one is it filters all the blood in the body and then it fine tunes the chemistry
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levels in the body so what we do the with dialysis is we just do the filtration part and we can't really fine-tune the chemistry levels very well. >>reporter: dr. linda is david's doctor and professor of medicine at uc sf and patients will experience a variety of symptoms in between dialysis session. some need drugs to perform functions normally handled by the kidne kidney. >> most significant thing we welcome back able to adjust the chemistry level all the time and that should make them feel a lot better. >>reporter: unlike the mock-up in his lab, dr. roy says the implantable model would work with the body natural bloop instead of using a pump and without electricity it could theoretically be implanted in patients for the long-term. >> probably for years at a time. we certainly have to do a lot of more testing but our lab experiment suggest that few months to years. >>reporter: potentially providing a breakthrough alternative to dialysis which
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now accounts for 25 billion dollars a year. 6 percent of all the money spent by medicare. >> all of the things are very difficult. very expensive. >>reporter: but they are cheaper than 20,000 dollars a month for dialysis. >> carolyn reporting. dr. roy believes with adequate funding his team could potentially have the artificial kidney ready for clinical trials within 5 years. >> leading edge of hurricane earl is approaching the north carolina coast tonight. this is live picture from riceville beach in north carolina along the outer bank. earl lost some of the much steam since this morning. category 2 with winds slowing from 140 to 105 miles per hour. but hurricane force winds are still possible along the coast as the eye passes farther out into the ocean. this could mark the beginning of at least 24 hours of very stormy weather along the coast which would snarl labor day weekend plans for thousands of people in fact many vacationers already told they have to go.
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airline passengers could face most delay in the biggest hassle as earl twist its way toward the east coast many of the larger airlines are allowing travelers to change flights with no penalty. those airlines include america american, delta, jet blue, uni blue, united, u.s. airway. most airline warn passengers saying flying could get dicey with hurricane force winds out there. check with each airline for specific information about rebacking deadlines if you are thinking about changing your plans. all right. well, different story here. hot everywhere. another spare the air day coming tomorrow. sandy is here with the forecast for us. >> today the beaches felt the cooling. tomorrow bay side areas. we make progress. if you don't like the heat, heat, inland by saturday. temperatures will come we are progressing. in the right direction if you like the cooler foggy weather. leather get you outside. show you what it looks like. it is foggy outside. live look from the high definition roof cam are. looking towards the financial district of san
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francisco and we have some patches of dense fog already being reported along the coast. half machine bay visibility down to 3 quarters of a mile tonight. it is going to be right down on the deck during that morning commute so please be aware of this. want to show you hurricane earl now and talk about the local weather in just a moment. this is very large hurricane but as we just mentioned in the broadcast it has weakened. it was category 4 yesterday and now category 2. the eye not quite as well defined as just 24 hours ago. winds of 105 miles an hour. it is tracking to the north northeast at 18 so moving rather quickly which is a good thing here. want to show you live doppler 7 hd. you see the yellow and orange here that indicates heavy rainfall already some of the reports out of the outer bank of north carolina reporting very, very heavy rain at this point. and the wind throughout here gusting at 38. cape look out gust out of the north northwest to 52 miles an hour.
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so as this storm is getting closer, the wind is picking up. rain is picking up. dangerous rip current certainly a possibility as the hurricane continues to skirt the coast. hurricane warning up from north carolina across the the eastern sea board. parts of the eastern seaboard up to cape cod. now tomorrow morning it is expected to work its way along the coast line as category 2 and you notice by tomorrow evening category 1 continues to weaken as it heads towards the new england area. if you have travel plans you want to check with your airline. here in the bay area it was the heat. we told you it would get hotter inland. it did. livermore fairfield and morgan hill awn 01 degrees today. 99 in concord. 98 for new santa rosa. san jose knicks degrees. 85 in oakland and this is where you felt the cooling. 59 compared to 24 hours ago. we have the warmth
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inland with 80's. dense fog at the coast tonight. cooler coast and bay tomorrow. it is going to be cooler in all areas for this coming weekend. so this morning a south easterly surge brought the fog up along the coast. filled in by late in the afternoon so the coastal areas are all socked in. what is going to happen is the fog will be limited to the coast primarily except in the north bay it is going to start to get into parts of the north bay and at the beaches of look for locally dense fog by morning. temperatures in the morning low 50's. to the low 60's. in the afternoon still going to be a warm one and poor air quality expected in the east bay so it is another spare the air. moderate air quality in the north bay. temperatures in the south bay in the 90's. around campbell. los gatos. 89 in san jose. on the peninsula 82 in san mateo o. coastal areas in the mid 60's. downtown san francisco 74 degrees and as you get into the north bay still sunny in the afternoon. 88 in santa rosa. in the east bay 79 for oakland. still going to be on
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the hot side inland. you lack at 95 in livermore and in fairfield and around the monterey bay temperature of 72 degrees in santa cruz. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. hot inland tomorrow. cooler coast and bay. everyone sees the cooling and feels it. by sunday only mid 80's inland. upper 50's at our beach. labor day slight rebound but not expecting a major warm-up. then middle of next week much cooler. >> okay. nice. >> thanks very much. >> the extraordinary forces at work on the football field. come up next. new research from stanford on the impact that the human body can absorb. >> blessed harvest for us all. many snoom wine lovers count their blessings ascent ri old ceremony honors the vineyards. [ femalennouncer ] it's the jcpenney labor day mattress sale! all gold premium mattresses 50-60% off
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if. >> this is the last week of the nfl pre-season which means the hits are getting harder. one of the sportscaster who played for the 49 ers told me once in the nfl every time you get hit it is like being in a car wreck. stanford doctor now trying to find out how much force is exchanged in an nfl impact. we have the story. >>reporter: in the sports medicine building at stanford university they did plenty of training, testing and analyzing. the state of the art advanced to a point where they can't tie human movement and fish situation on precise scale. now dr. daniel its taking it further. he's analyzing the forces of nfl hits. >> what surprised you. >> the force. you have 2 bodies moving quickly and absorbing tremendous amount of force and i don't think i would be able to absorb that and get up. >>reporter: orthopedist and temperature doctor for the san francisco 49 ers. few years ago the doctor took note of a
9:28 pm
hit on quarterback chris sims. he stayed in the game because team doctors couldn't make a proper dig but he lost his spleen and almost his life. in the hope of avoiding such mistake in the future, dr. has begun to develop a vest with pressure sensors. some of the 49 ers have already worn it in games. >> for now the research is in early staichblingts he can not tell us which 49 ers he's wired up in a game. but that he can't even quantify the true intensity of the hits. they are so fast and so hard that the sensors can't quite measure them yet. ultimate goal of sports medicine is to keep players healthy and in games but also to know when they need to come out for their own good. the doctor hopes in 5 to 10 years this technology will bring to us that point. in the process may inadvertently add one more statistics to the sports
9:29 pm
pages. pounds of force delivered or absorbed. from stanford university, abc 7 news. when we continues here tonight. direct talks are under way between israel and palestine leaders. unprecedented commitment in the push for peace. >> we learn how sharp shooters secretly watched a gun man at discovery channel headquarters and how gunmen took him down without killing hospital substance or setting off explosives. andless for words. why a controversial governor says she had a brain freeze. she had a brain freeze. anot
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is. >> good evening once again. graduate you are with us.
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here's a look at the headlines we are following tonight. authorities are investigating the cause of a small plane crash that killed 3 people including the founder of a peninsula steel company. plane went down in lagoon in redwood shores seconds after take off from san carlos airport just before lunch time. all 3 people on board were killed. including 92-year-old bob gorman the founder of re gorman steel company in east pal a.the others were the pilot and his girlfriend. the names have not been released. >> claims that pg&e is smart meters led to unfairly high bills are unfounded. according to independent research group public utilities commission hired the outside consultant to evaluate the meters. group says any billing issues can be attributeed to weather conditions which lead to hire energy usage and of course bills. >> face-to-face talks today between is israeli and palestinian leaders have resulted in an agreement. to talk still more. another round of negotiations in egypt later this month and a promise to keep talking every other
9:33 pm
week. john reports that it was a good day for president o obama, too. >>reporter: president obama first shot at forge ago middle east peace pack began with a show of progress. >> the president and prime minister agree that these negotiations can be completed within 1 year. >>reporter: in the world of diplomacy progress of means more talks. is israeli prime minister and cal spin authority leader set a date for mid september. promised to meet every two weeks after that until there's peace. >> we can not and we will not impose a solution. only you can make the decisions necessary. >> reporter: the goal a settlement that ends israel 43 year occupation of the palestinian an territory within the year. creating an independent palestinian state at peace with israel. >> together we can lead our
9:34 pm
people to historic future. >>reporter: he bound to work to resolve all outstanding conflict. for president obama hosting the first round of peace talk since the gaza war of 2008 brought knowings to a halt it was a hopeful sign. >> if we don't make the attempt then failure is guaranteed. >>reporter: unlike predecessor he had years to follow-up. >> this president i believe will succeed. >>reporter: president obama is aiming at prize that alluded every president since carter. he's doing to ensure that if he fails it's not that he ran out the clock. this is abc news washington. >> military chaplain was killed in afghanistan. roadside bomb killed captain dale gets on monday less than a month after he deployed. 4 other soldiers also died. gets is the first army clerky man killed in action since the vietnam war. dale was 43 years old. many people at discovery
9:35 pm
channel headquarters in washington, d.c. are expressing their thanks to the police who saved their lives during yesterday hospital stamping stand off. last few minutes required nerves of steel. to describe what happened here's of thomas. >> 3 hostages lay face down on the floor, james lee the gunman pace back and forth hearing what appeared to be a remote control. police feared it would be used to detonate explosives strapped to his torso. >> my sense from listening to him and knowing what i know he had no intention of come out of there alive. >>reporter: what lee may not have known is that the police were watching his every move by a surveillance camera mounted in the lobby. all that information was being relayed by radio to a 12 man s.w.a.t. team just outside the lobby. lee was armed with two handgun and 6 improvised explosive did he vases. 4 of the bombs strapped to the body. suddenly the hostages began to make a move to escape. lee turned and pulled out a handgun. s.w.a.t. team had to go now.
9:36 pm
>> we confront him. he turns toward my officers. the gun is out. that's when they shoot him. >>reporter: the s.w.a.t. team marks man had to make a split second decision and the aim had to be true. they wanted to kill lee without the bombs ex mroingd. they did. the this is abc news washington. unnevbing case of deja vu in the gulf of mexico. coast guard is seeing no oil in the water following an explosion and fire today on a rig in the gulf. blast occurred 90 miles off the coast of louisiana. 13 workers on the rig were forced to jump in the water to escape the flames. and they were there for 2 hours before being rescued. >> of this wasn't a blow out. doesn't appear to be a spill. doesn't appear to be any injuries. that's our priority is taking care of our people and taking care of our facilities and the environment. >> rig operator mariner energy says no drilling was taking place at the time of the blast. coast guard has backed away from the initial report that a mile long oil sheen was spotted near the blast site.
9:37 pm
today explosion happened about 200 miles east of where the bp well blew up in april. no oil is leaking from a tanker run aground on a sand bar in canada northwest passage. ship is carrying almost 2 and half million gallon of diesel. third to run aground in the area in just the past month. arizona governor generate additional out cry when she took on the obama white house over her state anti-illegal immigration bill. so there was certainly a lot of attention last night when the governor had a surprisingly rough night a debate that she concedes must have been an episode of brain freeze. here's david muir. >> governor brewer signed tivingt immigration bill in the land. >> good bill. we can not afford all this illegal immigration and everything that comes with it. kidnappings. ex tovrmingts the beheadings, which beheadings are you referring to. our law enforcement agency have found bodies in
9:38 pm
the desert. either buried or just lying out there that have been beheaded. >>reporter: now up for election the first tell vaseed debate and during the opening remarks. >> we have done everything that we could possibly do -- about. >>reporter: debate then turns contentious when one of the opponent asks about those beheadings. >> i call upon you today to say that there are no beheadings. that was a false statement you know terri i will call you out. >>reporter: she did not address them. afterwards. >> please answer the question. why won't you recant that. do you still belief that. come on governor. >> okay thank you all. >> governor what do you make -- >>reporter: the night was over. david mawr abc news. >> the new toll lane in the east bay uses ahead how much it could cost to go a little faster during the commute. >> and even if this down
9:39 pm
economy maybe especially in the down economy people are finding the money to buy lottery tickets. are they a wastst
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people! look at u! texting...blogging... all this technology, but yore still banking like pilgrims! it's time r new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at why earn bupkis, when yousavings can earn three times the national avera!! three mes the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest us savings, go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. >> we complain our traffic here but we have nothing on a chinese. turning that the summer of grid lock in china.
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latest massive traffic jam is about 90 miles northwest of beijing. it is estimated 10,000 trucks are backed up for 70 miles. apparently it is due to trucks transporting coal from maynes just opened up. just last week a 60 mile traffic jam lasted 10 days. the government is planning to build another roadway but until then, folks can expect important are delays. and roads here were getting an idea tonight how much it will cost to drive on the new express lanes about to open on interstate 6 80 in the east bay. the lanes, first toll lanes in northern california, will run from near pleasanton to milpetas. price to access them will vary depending on traffic. as little as 30 cents when traffic is light and 4 to 6 dollars maybe more during peak commute hours. striping begins next week. lanes open september 21st. with tough economy more and more people are trying their luck with the lottery. sales are booming. so is
9:43 pm
playing the lottery a waste of time and money? what if you took those dollars however few they might be and invested them? here's mike the. >> it is the shot at 15 minutes of fame. maybe even a life time of fortune. ever since is the economy slumped lottery sales rose. >> i feel in lucky. is it worth it? is it worth the money you risk losing n.reality you have a better chance of becoming a celebrity winning an oscar or lucky gold medal than hitting it big in the lottery. people play and play on. scratch off are extremely popular. okay. so i didn't win. but what if you could win without ever playing? say you spend 20 dollars a week on the lottery. but instead of playing the lottery you invest 20 dollars a week in modest s&p 500 mutual fund that averages 10% interest rate over 20 years. in 2030
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you would have 61 8 42 dollars and 8 cents. okay that doesn't exactly put you in this category. >> 3 14 million dollars. >>reporter: but say you reinvest that 61,000 dollars for justin more years? you could end up with 175,000 the plus dollars. yes. winning by not playing. this is abc news, new york. we can always dream, dream, right? >> still ahead this evening. they call it it the red plenty. mars is showing a different part of color wheel. great picture when we come back. >> on the aisle. drew star ins new film set in san ins new film set in san francisco but she filmedout goid
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>> want to show you some dramatic new image nasa just released of planet mars. they include a creator with sand do you know sculpted by the whipped. another creator showing the impact of highly detailed bull's eye. look at that. also streak near the planet north pole. pictures were taken last month using a special camera that focus on objects the size of a beach
9:48 pm
ball from 1 80 miles away. the first grapes picked from the vines on the east bay were blessed today by rabbi and presbyterian ministevrment blessing of the grape took place this morning in river more. east bay regis home to nearly 50 wineries by the way. cooler than normal summer weather pushed wac the start of the harvest 2 to 3 weeks. growers expect to pick up to 16,000 tons of wine grapes over the next two months or so. this was the kind of weather last couple days that the vineyard really like. the hot weather. dry. sandy is here with the forecast but that's changing again. >> it is indeed, dan. today we had triple digit. like livermore but tomorrow we are going with mid 90's so livermore concord antioch in the mid 90's. still hot. but not quite as hot as today. really going to feel the cooling around the bay and right along the coast. already saw the cooling today. 74 in san francisco. 64 in half machine bay. down to 88
9:49 pm
in santa rosa. 89 degrees for san jose and around the monterey bay 72 in santa cruz. 92 in gilroy. ears the 7 day forecast tomorrow another spare the air day. cooling down as we head to saturday and sunday. temperatures rae bound just a bit for labor day and then it is down again. much cooler weather tuesday and wednesday, dan. but just wonderful weather if you are making plans for your labor day weekend. >> okay. if the plans include a mavie got one to talk about. >> oh, good. >> opening in theater tomorrow new film starring drew bary more going the sdachbilitys she lives in san francisco. but as don plains in the on but as don plains in the on the aisle review none was >> what is the meanest lie you told someone first thing in the moyvrjt hi to meet my wife for breakfast. >>reporter: drew and justin long meet at a bar and instant attraction. him if his
9:50 pm
roommate. >> what year is this. >> nothing worse than an old wine. >>reporter: she goes back to san francisco while he stays in new york. >> is aaron there. >>reporter: exploring bicoastal relationship. christina as drew sister practically. >> he can be a hot bartender. >> now i am freaking out. >> i'm your sister this is what i am here to do. terrify you. >>reporter: first feature for documentary filmmaker. >> i wasn't expecting the language. >> yes you will see a drew you have never seen before. >>reporter: drew was working at new york newspaper but back here she snaps up reporting job t at the chronicle. i thought they were down sition. there are san francisco aerial but nothing shot here.
9:51 pm
>> california doesn't make it cheap to shoot here. there's actually a tax inis sentive to shoot in new york. we had planned to shoot here. really wanted to shoot here but it was very expensive to film in san francisco. >> that's disgusting. >>reporter: this could have been a cute romantic comedy. but instead they have given it a nasty foul mouth edge and it really doesn't work. justin and drew were dating or are dating during the film and at times the relationship is strained. even with the film failing it points up the need to bring film makers back to the bay area. good for the xhechlt i give this a little more than a quarter of a bucket. this is 7 news and we'll see you on the aisle. >> full bucket of sports coming up next. larry is here >> we are not going to see that. fraudulently -- not even here this is the real stuff rate hear. nippers raiders wrapping up the pre-season. san jose state ready to tangle with alabama
9:52 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. lost for seven years then traced to a san francisco woman through a micro chip. tonight what is preventing the reunion? >> whitman faindz out whether she has to take a break from running for governor to serve on jury duty. those stories ahead coming up in one hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> larry is here with all the sports. >> we start with the pre-season football. wrapping it up. 49 ers and the
9:55 pm
raiders. playing at home simultaneously which almost never happens except these games that don't count. goal tonight just don't get hurt. raiders leading in the fourth. bruce pretty good couple touch down passes. niners over the chargers 17-14 also dixon had a brilliant 46 yard touch down run. we have all the highlights show them to you tonight at 11:00. now baseball. old movie escape from new york. a's couldn't get out of the bronx fast enough. swept and swept decisively by the yankees. pride of vallejo. totally dominant today. major first 19 game winner this year. the only blemish in the single. the only hit that cc allowed in 8 innings. the a's can't do anything with cc. kevin and carson among the 5 strike out victims. here's the offense. kurt is in front and center in the sixth off jerry. 16 of the season and then in the very next inning. no. 17.
9:56 pm
there it goes. yankees shut out the a 5 nothing. they complete a 4 game sweep whale the giants had the day off. stanford college football season this saturday sacramento state. figure the cardinal overwhelm the hornet hornets. appalachian state knocked off michigan few years achlingt upset happen often in the first game of the season. on paper stanford more talent and luck at the helm. quarterback waiting to happen. >> nfl has more pre-season games but in college football you have got to be exact in detail and ready to go from week one. >> usc and hawaii i was doing this before the game. 5 minute in. man to man coverage. stiff arm. i warm front made that tackle. i
9:57 pm
warm front brought that guy down. 46 yard. 20-6 usc late first half. this means goodbye. notice i deliver the hawaii highlight with a bit more enthusiasim. >> you do. >> there is some bias here tonight. almost at half time. hawaii trailing 27-13 against the wicked trojans. san jose state opens in alabama saturday. debut for new head coach mike one of the assistant former niner young. more on coach young. >> thought he was about pulling. double team. okay. hole the point. keep the feet running. >>reporter: young was a 4 time pro bowler in the 14 years with the frainers. won a superbowl title. former defensive tackle tack a year off after retiring. graduate assist tan at notre dame last year. took a full time job with san jose state this year with defensive line coach. >> i have an opportunity kind
9:58 pm
of still be around the game and then also to get a chance to work with young men and hopefully share my experience over the years with them. >>reporter: he realizes and appreciates now what coaches go through week to week. >> long hours. just grinding it out. getting prepared and game planning. >>reporter: not all great players make great coaches. >> i do realize that guys, they are young. still learning the game. and going to take time so definitely have to be a little bit more patient. >>reporter: the patience tested sat as they put put themselves on top rank alabama. >> playing against the best i think kid go in there really calm and just about play. be confident in their ability. have fun in the process. i think it will be a great day. >>reporter: in san jose, abc 7 sports. andy upset at the u.s.
9:59 pm
open. locked newspaper a war of attrition with the her playing in the sweltering heat in the middle of the day for almost 5 hours. survived cramp in the leg to prevail in the fifth set. advancing to the third round. hoops team u.s. usa. flat and 4 point game in the third quarter. clippers helping team usa pull away. he had 21. russell throwing it down hard. into-57 was the final game. really was closer for awhile but the final reflected team usa 5 and o in turkey. >> hawaii. >> down at the half snai know you are happy. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 for all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your watching. we appreciate your time and hope to see you again


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